13/01 - Why Do We Do This? Watch This Video.

Major Reid speaking after dinner at Burgess Hill School for Girls in Feb 13. Photo by Lorna Coward.

The Joint Services Shark Tagging Team featured on British Forces Broadcasting Serice (BFBS) News on 14 Nov 12.

Monty Halls with members of the Joint Services Shark Tagging Team at the Birmingham Dive Show 2012.  Monty is the team's patron.

DUKE OF EDINBURGH'S PRIZE FOR THE BSAC.  The Joint Services Shark Tagging Team has been awarded the Duke of Edinburgh’s Prize for the British Sub-Aqua Club for their work tagging critically endangered sharks and turtles around Cocos Island, Costa Rica.  The team were presented with the Award by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace in November 2011. 

The Joint Services Shark Tagging Team (JSSTT)

Lieutenant Colonel Andy Reid FRGS - Project Leader

Lt Col Andy Reid is 48 years old and has been diving since 1984. He is a British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) First Class Diver, BSAC Advanced Instructor and Joint Services Sub-Aqua Diving Supervisor (SADS) with well over 1500 logged dives. A qualified Biology teacher; he has a degree in Zoology and has participated on 4 ‘Raleigh International’ expeditions as a diving instructor/marine biologist. He has led a total of six Joint Services expeditions to Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands), St Paul Island (Nova Scotia), Cocos Island and Guadalupe/Revillagigedo Islands.  He has won the BSAC Expedition of the Year Award twice and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Prize for the BSAC twice.  Lt Col Reid is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.  He is married to Kate and has 2 daughters, Imogen and Jessica.

Major Alex Mills first learnt to dive in Thailand in 2002 and he then joined the Army and commissioned into the Infantry.  It wasn’t until 2005 until he completed his BSAC Sports Diver course in Bovington, which allowed him to dive extensively during a subsequent posting to Cyprus where, as well as seeing almost every part of the Zenobia, he also managed to dive in Turkey and Jordan. On returning to the UK, Alex soon became re-acquainted with UK waters and qualified as a BSAC Dive Leader.  Since then he has dived a good deal in the UK, the US, Egypt, the Caribbean and Mauritius.  He is a BSAC Open Water Instructor and currently in the process of achieving his BSAC Advanced Diver.  He is slowly but surely getting better at underwater video photography.  Above water, Alex is the membership secretary for the Army Sub Aqua Diving Association and the club secretary for the Bulford Garrison Sub Aqua Club, Kiwi Divers.

Captain Jess Eagan is a 25 year old physiotherapist in the Royal Army Medical Corps. She started diving at the age of 13 in the Sultanate of Oman, before going on to dive in a variety of locations including Bali, Vietnam, Malaysia, The Great Barrier Reef, The Red Sea, Thailand and participating in a Raleigh International marine conservation project in Borneo. She is now a PADI Rescue Diver and BSAC Sports Diver. Having worked with injured military personnel at both DMRC Headley Court and RCDM Birmingham, Captain Eagan hopes to be able to organise diving expeditions to support the rehabilitation of complex injuries. 

Corporal Phil Blake started diving at the age of 19 in Nov 2000. By Mar 01 he went on his first expedition to Ascension Is and has been hooked ever since. Now 32 he is a BSAC Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor. His greatest diving acheivment was joining the Joint Services Shark Tagging Team for Jurassic Shark III. He has dived throughout the world including Thailand, Mexico, Maldives and California. He now enjoys teaching others to dive and introducing them to the wonders of our world. Phil currently lives in Swindon with his wife Vikki and 2 dogs.

Sgt Anthony Whelan is 34 years old and first started diving in 2004 after completing an Ocean Diver course at Fort Bovisand in Plymouth. After a prolonged break from UK diving, a posting to Cyprus and its warm waters reinvigorated his passion for the sport. He is now a BSAC Sports Diver and an Assistant Diving Instructor, working towards his Dive Leader qualification. He has over 100 logged dives in varying locations in the UK, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, Turkey & Cyprus. Selection for  the Joint Services Tagging Team will enable a life long dream to dive with sharks for the first time.  He is currently stationed at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus employed in the role of an Engineering Operations Controller. He has recently completed a BSc (Hons) in Technology and is now working on the final module of a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Studies with the Open University. 

Leading Naval Nurse Pippa Rumbold is 23 years old and is relatively new to diving. Her Ocean Divers qualification was undertaken in the chilly months of December and as a result she plans future for all future UK diving to be completed in a dry suit. Whilst on Exercise Red Serpent in the Red Sea she successfully completed her BSAC Sports Diver qualification. Her aim for the future is to assist in the running of Defence Medical Services Diving Association and lead future expeditions. 

The Jurassic Shark 4 Team 2013

The Jurassic Shark 3 Team 2010.

The Jurassic Shark 2 Team 2008.

The Jurassic Shark Team 2006.